Doshas ~ Pitta

Body Type

Pitta types have a medium sized build, a moderate and athletic physique with the ability to gain muscle tone. Pitta types gain weight evenly or on the bottom half of their bodies. 


Straight hair that is fine and oily. Light brown, blonde or red in colour. Prone to early grey/balding.

Skin & Nails

Smooth, warm and oily skin prone to acne, rashes, freckles and moles. Sensitive to heat and humidity and burn easily in the sun. Susceptible to wrinkles. Sweat easily. Sharp and smooth pink nails.


Medium size eyes that are green, blue or hazel in colour. Sharp and penetrating gaze and a sensitivity to light. 


Medium sized mouth with soft and reddish lips. Soft gums that bleed easily. Moderate sized teeth that are straight.


Sharp and convincing speech and tone of voice.


Moderate activity, productive and pro-active.


Active and moderate strength, jumping like a frog.


Pittas are ambitious, passionate confident, organised, enthusiastic, intelligent, understanding, decisive, goal-orientated and focused. 

Mental Ability

Goal focused and perfectionists, pittas are determined and highly focused innovators who strive to achieve their goals. They make strong team leaders and entrepreneurs and can be referred to as a 'Type A' personality. 


Moderate memory with sharp attention.

Emotional Temperament

Pittas are fiery by nature and can come across as blunt or 'to the point' with their emotions and through communication, they are proactive problem solvers and like to get things done . 

Emotional Imbalance

Stress, anger, rage, jealousy, fiery-tempered, short-tempered, irritable, quick to snap, OCD, controlling, judgemental and the tendency to overwork.

Physical Imbalance

Acne, hives, rosace, rashes,  heart-burn, acid-reflux,  excessive thirst, indigestion, PMS and muscle inflammation in the shoulders and centre back.

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