3 rituals to help rejuvenate that post-winter bod

Via Nimbus + Co @thenimbusco

Seasonally, Spring is the time of year to cleanse and renew. What better way to welcome the warmer months than to overhaul your wellness regime with a spring detox. As we begin to climb out of winter hibernation and shake off the cold weather it is the perfect time to give the body a reboot. Introducing a few healthy habits and self-care rituals to help rid the body of toxins, restore the immune system following colds and flus and generally strengthen the digestive and circulation systems. 

Why do we need to detox?

On a day-to-day basis we accumulate toxins from our external environment; from the water we drink, personal care products we use, pollution and foods we consume. Of course body has it’s own natural ability to detox via our liver however due to the amount of environmental toxins we are exposed to it’s important we help support our body with extra self-care rituals that help enhance detoxification.

 Simple tips to help kick start your spring detox

  • Consume organic and filtered water where possible to avoid nasty pesticides and chemicals
  • Make the switch to natural and organic based personal care products such as make up, soaps, washing powers and sanitary items.
  • Water is one of the most important ways our body can eliminate waste.
  • Move your body everyday; once again sweating is one of the bodies primary way to detox.
  • Sleep; it helps the body recuperate & regenerate.

Top 3 wellness rituals to fast track your detox

Infrared Saunas - our favourite!

Infrared saunas are highly effective for detoxification. The far infrared wavelength in the infrared sauna penetrate the tissues, muscles & cells, heating the body’s core temperate to make you sweat from the inside out. A weekly sauna session will do wonders to help the body naturally flush out toxins and heavy metals. It increases circulation helping new blood flow around the body delivering oxygen and nutrients to repair and renew. Adding a weekly sweat session to your routine may also help with pain relief, relaxation, skin breakouts, weight loss, stress relief, sleep and boost your immune system.

Cruciferous Vegetables

Loading up on cruciferous veggies is one simple way to boost detoxification in the body. They are loaded with liver loving nutrients and minerals that help support the bodies natural ability to detox. Fill your plate up with broccoli, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, cabbage, kale. We especially love to add a daily scoop of The Beauty Chef’s cleanse powder to our water throughout the day which is jam packed with liver loving goodness.

Dry body brushing

Your skin is your largest organ, it absorbs everything you put on it and you live with it every day so look after it! Dry body brushing is a simple way to help stimulate your lymphatic system which is in  change or removing metabolic waste from inside your body. It also helps reduce cellulite by breaking down toxins and waste in your blood stream.