Keeping things sustainable

We launched natural bamboo intimates by Hara the Label last month and haven't worn yoga pants since.  Hara the label founder Allie Cameron set out to create an ethical intimates brand where design meets sustainability.  Hara the Label is manufactured in Bali, Indonesia using 100% sustainable bamboo and natural dyes.

Our yoga intimates are now sold out, however you can still visit Hara the Label directly.

Why use bamboo?

  • No pesticides, insecticides or fertilisers are used in the growing
  • Uses only rainwater to grow compared to cotton which uses up to 2700 litres of water for a single T-shirt
  • Doesn't need vast lands to grow as it can grow very densely
  • Produces 30% more oxygen & absorbs more carbon dioxide than trees
  • Grows up to a metre a day with some species growing up to 30m tall
  • New stems can be harvested again and again making bamboo one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world
  • Contains an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal bio-agent which is retained through the fabrication process and even after washing many, many times. This property makes all our products odour-resistant
  • Extremely hypo-allergenic which is great for eczema sufferers and those with sensitive skin
  • Feels great as it is a very soft fabric and very gentle on the skin
  • Has a neutral charge which makes it anti-static, so no more clinging clothes

Why use natural dyes?

Chemical dye from clothing production is the largest contributor to water contamination in Indonesia, Bangladesh, and China. To eliminate this waste, Hara the Label uses plants such as the Cacao tree, and mango leaves to naturally dye their bamboo fabric. The benefits below:

  • Do not need to cut or kill the trees, harvesting multiple times
  • Trees benefit from pruning reducing leaves during some periods of time
  • Relatively easy to find, cultivate or can be in cooperation with farmers
  • Does not compete with food needs
  • Extracts are easy to make
  • Leaf waste is easily composted and returned to the soil
  • Raw material are a sustainable supply and can readily be replanted