The Dosha Qualities

In Ayurveda each dosha has unique qualities, functions and locations in the body. These dominant principles and properties are the result of each doshas unique energy combination of the five basic elements.


VATA ~ Dry, cold, light, subtle, mobile, rough, not slimy.  

PITTA ~ Slightly oily, hot, penetrating, fluid, sour, pungent.

KAPHA ~ Heavy, cold, soft, oily, sweet, stable, slimy. 


VATA ~ Movement, breathing, stimulation of digestive fire (Agni), excretion, sensory perception, speech, blinking, nerve impulses, muscle contraction, heart beat, enthusiasm and initiation of activities. Governs feelings of freshness, nervousness, fear, anxiety and pain.

PITTA ~ Digestion, metabolism, vision, temperature, warmth, energy, skin tone, hunger, thirst, enzymes, hormone reactions, metabolic system and intelligence. Governs feelings of passion, anger and jealousy.

KAPHA ~ Strength, growth, nourishment, immunity, stability, potency, anabolism, lubrication of the joints, lustre and hydration of the skin, bodily fluids for cells and spinal cord.  Governs feelings of calmness, kindness and forgiveness.  


VATA ~ Large intestine (colon), brain, ears, sense organs, bones, thighs, lumbar region. Lymphatic system, nervous system and respiratory tract.  

PITTA ~ Small intestine, liver, heart, blood, navel region, lower part of stomach, sweat, vision.

KAPHA ~ Head, throat, tongue, chest, joints,  upper part of stomach.

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Contributed by Carina Jones of CiCis Ayurveda ~ Carina is a certified Ayurvedic practitioner, equipped with simple but powerful logical and metaphysical tools on how to restore daily balance within the mind and body. 

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