White Sage Smudging ~ A Step By Step Guide

White Sage (Salvia apiana) is a shrub that grows across the United States and is well known for its energetic healing properties.  For centuries, White Sage has been used in ceremonies for blessings and prosperity.  When burnt it removes negative energy and influences and is considered to be a sacred, cleansing, purifying and protective plant.  

White Sage SmudgingSustainable White Sage Smudge StickSage Smudging InstructionsInstructions on Smudging with White Sage

How to Use White Sage: 

Simply light the end of the sage smudge stick and allow the smoke to engulf the areas you wish to cleanse.  As you're burning, it's important to express your intention along with gratitude for this sacred plant.  The smoke itself attaches to negative energies, and as it begins to dissipate it transforms those negative energies into positive universal energy.

Step By Step Guide to Smuding

1. Set a clear intention; intentions are incredibly powerful when it comes to cleansing with sage, so it's important to be precise. 

2. Use smooth movements; and allow the smoke to engulf the space.  It's always best to walk with the sage held over a fire-proof bowl or plate. 

3. Once the sage is lit, simply allow it to burn out on its own.

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