Our Story

Yin Yoga Mats was founded in 2016 by yogi Kirsty James, inspired by her love of design, yoga, and travel.  The brand originated with Kirsty's desire to create a beautiful space within the home to inspire a daily yoga practice.  

Yin Yoga Mats is influenced by culture-rich international locations in particular the vibrancy and bohemian style of the Medina in Marrakesh, Morocco.  This creative vision is brought to life in Kirsty's beautiful home in the Byron Shire. 

Kirsty's focus is to create a yoga brand that cultivates awareness over the usage of plastic and PVC and their disastrous affect on our planet.  Having a strong focus on environmental sustainability is at the core of Yin Yoga Mats with our yoga mats manufactured from sustainable natural tree rubber.  Read about our sustainable production here.  

Our yoga mats are beautiful, sustainable, and will empower your daily yoga practice.  Shop all yoga mats here