Copper Water Bottle 750ml

Aruvedic Copper water bottle by Yogi Beings. Handcrafted in India. 
Copper has been used for thousands of years to store water as it is naturally anti-microbial amongst a whole host of other benefits. 
This beautiful material has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties, believed to balance your doshas. Above that, it is great for joints and digestion.

In the ayurvedic tradition, you would store your water over night in a copper vessel/bottle/jug and drink it in the morning, so that the water has been charged with the copper-ions.

Beautiful fun-fact: In time the copper bottles develop a gorgeous patina which does not affect their functionality at all.
It is important to really only store water in copper vessels, as anything else (such as tea, coffee, juice, lemon-spritzes etc) would affect the material. Also the supercharging only works for water, not for other liquids.

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Our yoga mats are designed to inspire your daily yoga practice.  We create beautiful printed yoga mats to empower your daily yoga flow and we work passionately to deliver unique yoga mats that are suitable for all types of yoga and all levels of yogi.

We love our corner of the planet and are super keen to nurture it.  Our yoga mats are manufactured from sustainably captured natural tree rubber bonded to a super absorbent and non slip microfibre suede surface.  Yin yoga mats are free from PVC, silicone, and phthalates and best of all, we ship without plastic. 

Our microfibre suede surface feels lush to practice on, acting like a high performance sports towel gripping with moisture.  Basically the more you sweat, the better you grip.  

Caring for your yoga mat is easy! We suggest popping your new yoga mat straight into the washing machine to encourage the fibre to stand up and create the ultimate grippy yoga mat.  You can either wipe your yoga mat down following practice, or simply pop in the washing machine.