Printed Yoga Mats

Printed Yoga Mats

A yoga mat designed with every yogi in mind. 


Our Printed Yoga Mats

Our beautiful printed yoga mats have been designed here in Australia.  Choosing a yoga mat to suit your practice is a personal choice. A printed yoga mat can impact your practice in a number of ways. Considering that yoga is a mind-body practice that aims to create harmony and balance, it's natural to wonder if the color of your mat can influence your overall experience. Some individuals might find that practicing on a certain color enhances their mood or mindset, while others might feel indifferent to it. We have a large collection of printed mats, to suit all yogis. 


A bright yoga mat can energize and uplift your mood. Its vibrant and lively colors can contribute to a positive mindset and motivate you to engage in your practice with enthusiasm. The visual stimulation can create a sense of energy and excitement, making your yoga sessions more invigorating.


A bright yoga mat can be a form of self-expression. Its bold colors allow you to showcase your personality and unique style during your practice. Choose a color that sparks joy, energizes your spirit, and inspires you to roll out your mat and delve into your practice!


Our Dimensions are:

Length: 63.5cm

Width: 177cm

Thickness: 4mm 


Base: 100% all natural rubber

Top: Micro suede made from materials that were ocean bound


who makes our printed yoga mats

Yin works with accredited and ethical factories in Sri Lanka and China to source and produce all of our products. We source our rubber in Sri Lanka as they grow the Hevea brasiliensis tree. By extracting rubber from this tree, we avoid using any synthetic rubber materials. The Hevea brasiliensis tree requires hot and damp conditions, making Sri Lanka ideal with their tropical lowlands. 

Extending our Sustainability

With our products being sustainably produced, we are committed to extending this sustainability right here in Australia. We are a small team who package and send all of our products from our warehouse in Brookvale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. 


We ship all of our products using recycled and biodegradable packaging.


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