Wholesale Yoga Mats

Are you looking for wholesale yoga mats to add to your physical or online store? At Yin Yoga Mats, we take extreme pride in supplying the highest quality wholesale yoga mats to likeminded brands across Australia. 

Why Partner With Yin for your Wholesale Yoga Mats?

  •   Competitive pricing across our entire range of yoga mats, blocks, balls, and yoga accessories (including our homewares like candles)
  • Great margins for your business
  • Leverage the outstanding brand recognition and reputation of  Yin Yoga Mats having worked with some of the yoga’s biggest names and retreats
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • Fast response time and shipping from Australia
  • The option of branding partnership like Yin x Studio/Store Name printed directly on the mat
  • A near-endless collection of high-quality photos for your marketing, store and social media
  • Samples of all products available prior to purchasing
  • Ongoing support from Yin Yoga Mats






Feel free to reach out if you are interested in wholesale pricing for your boutique or yoga studio, we would be happy to help. Contact us anytime and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.



Wholesale Yoga Mats in Australia

Yoga is more than just a trend in Australia—it's a lifestyle. The demand for yoga classes and accessories is continuously growing, making the market for wholesale yoga mats a lucrative one. Whether you're a yoga teacher, studio owner, or wellness event planner, understanding the market dynamics will help you make informed decisions.

Why Wholesale Yoga Mats?

Purchasing yoga mats in bulk offers several benefits. Not only do you get a discounted rate, but you also ensure consistency in the quality of mats used in your studio or event. Wholesale suppliers often provide additional services, like custom printing, allowing businesses to add a personal touch to their mats.

The Rise of Eco-friendly Yoga Mats

Eco-consciousness is reshaping the yoga industry. More and more yoga enthusiasts are opting for sustainable and eco-friendly yoga mats. This shift in consumer behavior is an opportunity for businesses to align their product offerings with the values of their clients.



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