About Us

Yin was inspired by the ancient symbol of harmony. Reminding us that life is a balancing act, only fulfilled when we embrace its dualities. 

We are drawn to the timeless design of artisanal Moroccan textiles. Hints of character are woven throughout our designs with functionality and sustainability at the forefront of everything we do. 

We want to add inspiration, warmth and beauty to your yoga practice while cultivating awareness over the usage of harmful plastics and PVC and their impact on our planet. 

Founder and creative director, Kirsty James has a love for culture and colour with a discerning eye for art & design. Following her career in the fashion industry, Kirsty was drawn to yoga and spent time studying with teacher's in Sydney and becoming inspired by the spiritual and meditative practice. Practicing yoga daily sparked an interesting idea that combined yoga, beauty and colour - initiating the launch of Yin. Seeing first-hand the impact that fashion has on the planet drove Kirsty to create a yoga brand that cultivates awareness over the usage of plastics, PVC and the impact on our planet. A strong environmental focus is at the core of Yin, with yoga mats manufactured from sustainable natural tree rubber with no PVC, silicone, phthalates and no single-use plastic.