About our Yoga Mats: Australia's best eco-friendly yoga mat

Our yoga mats are designed to inspire your daily yoga practice. We create beautiful printed yoga mats to empower your daily yoga flow and we work passionately to deliver unique yoga mats that are suitable for all types of yoga and all levels of yogi.

We take pride in the remarkable durability of our mats, ensuring they will stand the test of time. Additionally, we are committed to carbon-neutral delivery, reducing our environmental impact even further.

Choosing our eco yoga mats means making a conscious decision that aligns with your values. By investing in our mats, you contribute to a more sustainable future and join us in our passion for protecting the Earth.

We love our corner of the planet and are super keen to nurture it. Our yoga mats are manufactured from sustainably captured natural tree rubber bonded to a super absorbent and non slip microfibre suede surface.  Yin yoga mats are free from PVC, silicone, and phthalates and best of all, we ship without plastic. 

Our microfibre suede surface feels lush to practice on, acting like a high performance sports towel gripping with moisture.  Basically the more you sweat, the better you grip.  

For those who want the most sustainable yoga mat, meet our Cork yoga mat. Featuring a non-slip recycled cork surface, bonded to a super dense black natural rubber base to keep you supported during all types of yoga and floor based pilates.

Our yoga mats are healthy and eco-friendly with no harsh chemicals, no plastic, no PVC, TPE and no silicones or phthalates. 100% biodegradable and naturally anti-microbial. 

All our mats come with either a black, white or jute cotton yoga strap.

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