How to prepare for the full moon

It doesn't matter if you read your astrology guide every week or get your tarot cards read, somehow you always know when the full moon has come around. When you look up at the night sky and see the moon lit up, you feel a sense of awe and wonder. It feels powerful doesn't it?! But why?

The moon symbolises our emotional world, and as the moons grows to its fullest expression and brightens the whole sky, it also illuminates our hidden emotions.

This is why we can feel so loco as we build up to the full moon; our emotional memories are being pulled to the surface.

To support yourself in this time, it's important to give yourself space to feel what is coming up for you. It can be uncomfortable, to feel, and it's easy to distract ourselves or try and 'fix' the emotions.

The full moon is not the time to have that 'important' conversation or to overthink our feelings, it's time to dive deep into our inner world, apply non-judgment and non-attachment, and let the feeling go.

I always wondered to myself "how do I let go?". It didn't seem so easy, but over time, doing Yoga, Meditation and practicing being with my emotions, I have discovered that to let go, is to let in.

It's what I call FULL MOON FEELING.

Firstly, you must become aware of the emotion, become aware of what you are feeling. This can be a challenging process especially if the emotion is uncomfortable, but give yourself permission to stay with it and fully feel it.

Where is it in the body e.g stomach, head, shoulder?
What does it feel like e.g tingling, warm, a knot?
How does it want to be expressed e.g shake, stretch, scream?

Secondly, you then allow the emotion to move. This may mean you lay there squirming on the floor, or throw your pillows around the room, or let the tears roll down your face.

This can be confronting, but e-motions are merely energy-in-motion, they do not define you. E-motions just want to move, not to be pushed back down.

After the first and second stage of full moon feeling, you must give yourself some TLC. It's important for self care and to regulate yourself after an emotional release. Give yourself a bath, a gentle walk on the beach or ocean dip. Wrap yourself up in a soft blanket and and give yourself the afternoon off.

The final part of this process is to journal, writing down what came up for you, what you discovered about yourself and what you are ready to release. The letting go will be organic from there, it will have already changed your mood and state of mind dramatically.

Trust that your intention of letting go is powerful enough and by taking this gentle process of full moon feeling: acknowledging your emotions, letting them move, and caring for yourself, it will make a profound shift in your mental and emotional world for the rest of the month.

Be gentle in this process and remember not to over think. Trust your wisdom and inner whispers to guide you in your next steps towards more magic to unfold.


Erin Rose lives in Byron Bay hosting full moon rituals and and teaches yoga and meditation. She offers online private sessions and courses for further progression to unite your mental and emotional worlds. You can follow her journey on Instagram or discover the magic directly at

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