3 part meditation series

"This is the time of great becoming. Our world is being redefined. It's now time for everyone to move beyond fear and into the next vital stage - creation. Your participation in this dreaming is essential. You are being invited to reimagine yourself. You're being called to reimagine your world."
~ Gary Gorrow
We're all feeling the impact of this new lifestyle - it's riddled with stress, anxiety and confusion and worst of all, we have no idea what's in store when we emerge from isolation. I reached out to my good friend Deb from The StillPoint who has experienced first hand the impact of illness and isolation and has drawn on her experience to help others access the healing and revitalising powers of yoga and meditation (read Deb's story here). We are thrilled that Deb has created a complimentary 3 part meditation series to help you find a moment of peace, deep rest and relaxation as we pave our way into the unknown. 

Image courtesy of Deb from The StillPoint. You can reach out to Deb via Instagram or online, and can join her for a variety of meditation classes on Insight Timer.

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