Cacao chaga berry bites - Yin Yoga Mats

Cacao chaga berry bites

Cacao and berries are a match made in heaven. These delicious cacao chaga berry bites are a healthy alternative to that 3pm sugar craving.

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Om Cade Pumpkin & Papaya Curry - Yin Yoga Mats

Om Cade Pumpkin & Papaya Curry

We share this nourishing pumpkin & papaya curry, a warming plant-based recipe from Byron Bay based cook Cade McConnell (Om Cade). Cade is a plant-based cook with a philosophy of...

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Vegan Chocolate Cake - Yin Yoga Mats

Vegan Chocolate Cake

A simple, vegan chocolate cake with cashew frosting and berries. Such chocolately-goodness courtesy of FoodByMaria.

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